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Washington is broken and at times feels like it is for sale to the highest bidder, instead of working for the voters. The American people deserve better than this. Congress should not spend tax payer money on special interest projects; pork barrel spending and anonymous earmarks are an unethical waste of public money and must be eliminated completely.

Wasteful earmarks and pork barrel projects are also responsible for ushering in the culture of corruption that has plagued Washington and placed lobbyists and special interests above the American taxpayer.

Simply put, as your next Congresswoman, I will work to restore your trust in government by opposing wasteful earmarks and pork barrel spending.

Citizens Against Government Waste
Toni Gilhooley (R-17)
Marina Kats (R-13)
Chris Hackett (R-10)
Matt Shaner (R-5)
Stay Informed
Earmarks: Watchdogs Skeptical
By Jenna Portnoy

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