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Winning the global War on Terror is essential to America’s future. Having lived under tyranny as a child in the former Soviet Union, I know first-hand that freedom abroad is vital to security at home. To this end, I strongly support the immediate implementation in Afghanistan of the surge strategy which has been so effectively pursued in Iraq. It is time to see that the good work so far accomplished by the brave men and women of our armed forces is successfully completed.

While victory in Iraq and Afghanistan are essential to victory in the War on Terror, they are not the whole story. We must pursue a firm foreign policy now to prevent the next war before it starts: working by all available means to roll back the regional and nuclear ambitions of rogue regimes in Iran and North Korea; ensuring that intelligence agencies and special forces have the resources they need to stop terrorists before they strike; co-operating with our allies to stem rising tides of radicalism and terror; and providing our military with the Research & Development funding they need to obtain the tools necessary to fight in the 21st Century.

As your next Congresswoman, I will work tirelessly to ensure that both the resources needed and the will to act when necessary are put wholly towards winning the War on Terror.

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