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First, fixing this broken immigration system starts with securing our borders and that’s why border security is my first priority.

We are a nation of immigrants; I know first-hand, because in 1979 I was one of those immigrants searching for the American dream. I worked hard, followed the laws and rules required to become a citizen of our great Country, and nothing makes me more proud then to say “I am an American”. However, our current system not only undermines the rule of law in our country, it presents a national security threat. To protect American citizens, I support President Trump’s call for increased manpower, surveillance, and a structural border wall. We must crack down on sanctuary cities and states that undermine our nation’s immigration laws. I oppose amnesty, period. I want to put a stop to chain migration.

We must strengthen enforcement in the U.S. with programs like E-Verify. I believe in legal immigration and want high quality immigrants who can enter the country the proper, legal way, and who can contribute to our society in a positive way. The United States should not have an open policy that brings in low-skill and in many cases dangerous people who place a large strain on our country’s resources. When our nation functions as a lawless society – it hinders us as a nation and a people.

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