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Example ImgThe vast majority of Americans are in basic agreement about the state of Healthcare in our country - the quality we receive is unmatched, but 40 million uninsured Americans is unacceptable. Though this is an issue that weighs heavily on many of our minds, Congress has not given us any viable answers with Universal Healthcare. Politicians love offering money as the solution to any problem. Their logic is simple and flawed: too many people lack coverage; ergo we must construct a multi billion dollar program to cover them. Notwithstanding the fact that those billions must be extracted through skyrocketing taxes, such a program is somehow declared to be "cheaper." The sheer impracticality and cost of such a measure is staggering. Government sponsored Universal Healthcare can only be achieved at prices we cannot afford and at quality levels we cannot live with.

It is time for reform. Opening up the healthcare market to competition and developing savings mechanisms like Health Savings Accounts are the only way to lower costs and expand coverage. Moreover, the healthcare of our people cannot improve without a renewed commitment to preventative medicine. Years of government mandates dictating what providers and employers must cover have augmented costs exorbitantly in the last decade. Additionally, such mandates have artificially delineated which treatments HMOs are free to exclude, leaving patients at the mercy of people who are not their doctors. Mandates helped to create the Healthcare crisis; a universal mandate will not cure it. An increasingly open healthcare market will expose providers to competition and give consumers more options. This will in turn drive prices down to levels where more and more people can afford healthcare

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By Jenna Portnoy

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