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Example ImgOur economy is struggling because Washington has created a tax system that is ineffective. Our politicians are no longer concerned with reasonable and rational solutions for our economic problems. Washington has over taxed, over spent, over borrowed, and over bailed out, and it has become evident that rather than address this, politicians from both parties would rather play partisan games at the expense of hard working Americans.

We also must look to our leaders in Washington for fiscal responsibility. For far too long, Congress has used our tax dollars to write blank checks. Arguments that our budget has no fat to trim are clearly wrong. Hidden earmarks not only undermine our governmental process, but also ensure that the politicians making the request are not held accountable.

“As a businesswoman, I have managed budgets and have ensured that companies I have run lived within their means. Like any 'manager', politicians should be held accountable for the success of the programs they support by establishing clear deliverable results.”
-Marina Kats, Statement at the MCRC Endorsement

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Earmarks: Watchdogs Skeptical
By Jenna Portnoy

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