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Example ImgAs a business owner, I understand the importance of small business to the economy and local communities. Unfortunately, government policies are often focused on helping massive multinationals at the expense of local small businesses or those policies are often evaded by teams of lobbyists and lawyers to get around those policies. We must treat the economic engines of communities—our small businesses—better and more fairly. Strong economies are measured by private capital and investment, not by how many tax dollars are in the nation treasury.

The government must also promote private industry, while at the same time decreasing government spending on unnecessary and bloated government programs. All government jobs are overhead on the economy, in that they serve to create expenses without generating revenue.

The United States has the largest economy in the world, and for that the government cannot take credit. Every dollar the government spends must first be taken from the private sector through taxation, which in turn creates less capital for the private market to expand. The American people are the most innovative and productive people in the world, and are all too often limited by an overbearing government and left undiscovered by and education system that leaves too many behind.

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