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Example ImgOur education system is not preparing our students for the future or for the current work force. We have to encourage competition and dynamism in our schools. I believe in school
choice policies, and putting the student first. We should allow families to choose the school that works best for their student: whether it be traditional public schools, public charter schools, virtual schools, private schools, or home schooling. School choice is about freedom, competition, and improving education for all children.  

We also need to encourage policies that professionalize our teacher workforce. Study after study shows that the primary driver of good educational outcomes is good teachers. Not new iPads, or fancy stadiums, but good teachers. We need to focus on the basics. Our teachers are true patriots, and our hard-earned tax dollars should go towards improving teacher quality and rewarding good teachers, not endless federal bureaucracy in the Department of Education.

College is becoming too expensive for working class families, and not giving students the skills they need to succeed. Government subsidies have caused education costs to sky rocket, and it is only getting more expensive. A 4-year degree is the right choice for a lot of people, but it should not be the only choice. We need to encourage vocational training and apprenticeship programs that give workers the skills that industries actually need.

There are an estimated 5-7 million job openings in medium-skilled sectors that are not being filled, because we do not have the workers with the right skills. They don’t need English majors, they need technicians, data analysts, and manufacturing specialists. These skills are obtained through on-the- job training, apprenticeships, and trade schools. We need to start those paths in high school, and make it easier for laid off workers to obtain those skills when looking for new work.

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