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Example ImgWinning the war in Iraq is a necessity. A premature departure would endanger the lives of our troops on the ground, hamper our long term strategic goals in the region, and leave Iraq vulnerable to the machinations of lethal terrorist groups and Iran's nascent regional ambitions. We are all eager for the return of our troops, but not with their honor and dignity irreparably damaged. We must heed our commanders on the ground and as soon as the situation allows it, begin redeploying our young men and women.

Very simply, we should bring our troops home when it is safe to do so. Regardless of one's feelings before the war, our troops should never lack the supplies and support they need. Our pre-war attitudes should also not cloud our judgment as to what is necessary to the country's best interest going forward. I know this war is unpopular and painful for many of us. But I also know that the American people have never shrunk from their duty. I completely agree with ending the war in Iraq - responsibly, and on our terms.

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