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Example ImgAmerica is the leader of the free world, and should not back down from this responsibility.We can never forget the atrocities of September 11th, and what occurs when you allow terrorists to operate freely in ungoverned areas. We must continue to take the fight to ISIS, not only in Syria and Iraq, but also in Afghanistan and Africa. The threat of radical Islam is real, and we must do a better job fighting on all fronts.

North Korea cannot be tolerated as a belligerent rogue regime for much longer. We must stand behind the president as he builds a coalition against North Korea.

We need to follow the president’s lead in rebuilding the U.S. military. Many of our ships are barely operational and the ones that are deployed are running into issues every day that make their job of defending our nation more difficult. We need policy changes, and strong leadership to set us back on the right course. We need better cyber defenses, and we need to do better a better job at keeping talented people in the military. We need to invest in new technology to maintain our edge, as China and Russia quickly catch up.

I will work in Congress to strengthen our military power to keep our country safe. Our young men and women who serve in the military must be properly equipped for success.

We must properly fund a missile defense system as well as pay more attention to cyber security and protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure systems like our water supplies and the electrical grid.

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